Rebel Wilson Was In 'Les Miz'? She Was At MTV Movie Awards!

Host plays many roles in MTV Movie Awards skits, from dressing in an Iron Woman suit to sharing a scene with Anne Hathaway.

One of the essential staples of the MTV Movie Awards is the short film — an introductory clip, comedy sketch or movie parody that sets up a category, introduces a Hollywood star, or otherwise takes the stuffing out of some past, present, or future blockbuster. There were two particularly funny ones during the 2013 ceremony, including one that will invariably go down as one of the greatest in the history of the MTV Movie Awards. Here's a recap of the evening's shorts.

In the first short film, James Franco treks to the outback to recruit Rebel Wilson as the 2013 MTV Movie Awards host. After explaining that he traveled to Australia to see his favorite singer, Russell Crowe, he approaches Wilson, saying that she's been chosen. After observing that she doesn't have a boyfriend — well, not counting the body pillow with Channing Tatum's face that she said she uses "to masturbate" — he tells her she'll be popular and successful and no one will say anything bad about her. And then he presents her with her own Iron Woman suit, complete with iron thong, and she pilots it to center stage.

In the second video, Wilson showcases footage from a number of films from which she claims her performances were cut, thus rendering her ineligible for nominations in more Movie Awards categories. The longest of the three is from "Les Miserables," in which Rebel sneaks into the back of the frame where Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is performing her show-stopping rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream." Explaining why she seems to be drawing a lot of attention to her bosom with her hands, Wilson says that a lot of prostitutes suffered from "itchy tit," but the unseen director pooh-poohs her creative choice.

She also claims to have had small roles in the films "Life of Pi" and "Magic Mike." In the latter, she plays a pregnant stripper who goes into labor during a performance.