'Iron Man 3' Exclusive: Tony Stark Comes Under Fire

The Mandarin's forces catch Iron Man off guard in new clip that debuted at MTV Movie Awards.

Things look pretty grim for Iron Man during the exclusive "Iron Man 3" clip debuted during Sunday night's 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Fans have been hungering for more armored action ever since Iron Man saved Manhattan from a nuclear disaster in last summer's massive hit (and 2013 MTV Movie Awards Movie of the Year) "Marvel's the Avengers." Now those eager Iron Man fans are closer than ever to suiting up again with Marvel's genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist. Here are just a few awesome moments from the new clip.

Armor Up

We got a glimpse of Tony's newer suiting-up methods during "Marvel's the Avengers," and this clip offers a new twist. Much like the comic book source material, "Extremis," Tony's armor attaches to him and expands over his skin as if it's a bodily function. But as snazzy as Tony's new armor is, it's still a prototype that's not capable of flight. When you're about to fall into the ocean underneath a million tons of house, not being able to fly is a bit of a problem.

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Mandarin's Revenge

Tony Stark made the mistake of giving the Mandarin his address in a previous clip, and now it looks like he's paying for it. The Mandarin isn't exactly the best houseguest. We've seen the fall of Tony's mansion in pretty much every previous trailer, but this clip follows the attack in real-time detail. One thing's for sure: Tony Stark will probably have to move into New York City's Stark Tower full-time.

Piano assault

When your home is crumbling all around you and a small fleet of helicopters lurk outside ready to obliterate anything that attempts an escape, you'll try to turn pretty much anything into a weapon. While falling out of his tumbling abode, Stark tries to fire a missile. He discovers that much like his flight capability, his missiles are offline as well. What's the next best thing to a missile? A grand piano! Stark uses a repulsor ray to blast the piano a considerable distance, smashing into and wrecking an attacking helicopter. If there's a Best Musical Assault category at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, "Iron Man 3" is a lock.