Rebel Wilson As Iron Mangina, Aubrey Plaza Party Crashes At 2013 MTV Movie Awards

MTV News compiles our eight favorite moments from Sunday's show.

If the phrase “Iron Mangina” was not in your lexicon before Sunday night’s (April 14) 2013 MTV Movie Awards, it most certainly is now.

It was just one of the many WTF moments provided by unpredictable host Rebel Wilson during a show that featured amazing performances from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Selena Gomez, a couple wins for Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston and some golden popcorn for their fellow castmembers of “Marvel’s The Avengers.”

Add in a trailblazer award for Emma Watson and a Generation Award 
 for Jamie Foxx, not to mention a totally unexpected appearance from “Parks & Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza and you have a night that’s as unforgettable as the sight of well, that Iron Mangina suit. Here are some of our other favorite moments from Sunday night’s show.

Rebel’s Big Open:
Wilson squeezing into the Iron Mangina suit and showing her awesome metallic wedgie to James Franco in the outback was the only way to kick off the show. She made one of the most awesome entrances of all time, crashing and burning onto the stage after landing on her … lady parts. She recovered in enough time to sing a medley of songs “Pitch Perfect” style before changing into a skintight leather outfit and showing off some surprisingly smooth nunchuck skills. Things got even sweeter later when she picked up the Breakthrough Performance trophy — one of two trophies she took home during the show — for “Pitch Perfect” and got her ultimate wish: a kiss from Zac Efron.

The 2013 Movie Awards In 140 Characters Or Less.

100 Watson:
With introductions from two of Hollywood’s hottest young male stars — Eddie Redmayne and Logan Lerman (and, oh yeah, her not for real “50 Shades of Grey” co-star Johan Hill) — Emma Watson was adorable and gracious in accepting her Trailblazer award. And while she’s a bit embarrassed by how frizzy her hair was in the first “Harry Potter” movie, she had nothing but thanks to her fans for sticking with her for 14 years through all her awkward phases. “I promise to keep making the best work I can for you,” she said.

Mariachi Mack Attack:
Introduced by smokin’ duo Snoop Lion and Ke$ha, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis brought their mariachi A-game for “Can’t Hold Us.” Rapper Mack wore his best fringed blue cape for the high-energy performance that had multiple-winner Samuel L. Jackson bobbing his head in the audience. Mack even executed a daring leap from the upper level of the stage that was definitely not CGI.

Hiddleston’s One Direction Shout Out:
In addition to thanking his many co-stars in “The Avengers,” Loki myself, Tom Hiddleston, gave a shout out to 1D’s Liam Payne, for naming his dog after the “Thor” super villain. “Liam’s dog Loki is unquestionably better looking, certainly better bred and probably better known,” he joked. “He’s probably got more Twitter followers than I do.”

Wilson’s Wasted Work:
Who knew that Rebel Wilson had done so much more than kill it in “Pitch Perfect” and “Bridesmaids?” The host shared some of her cutting room floor clips, including a hilarious turn as the “Head Whore” in “Les Miserables,” a talking Richard Parker in “The Life of Pi,” and a pregnant stripper who gives birth to a fake baby and then breast feeds him on stage in “Magic Mike.”

Shirts Off, But Pants On Please!:
We’re still trying to get over presenters Seth Rogen and Danny McBride’s pantless skit, but nothing could have prepared us for how far winner Taylor Lautner has let himself go. Trading his six-pack for a two-liter gut that had his shirt buttons straining, the newly 21-year-old star blamed his bloat on a bit too much partying. “Those were the good old days,” he said of a picture of his long-lost abs. “For us shirtless actors out there, this is like winning the Oscar,” he said, accidentally kicking the award.

Gomez Gets It:
Debuting her new single, “Come & Get It,” Selena Gomez showed off some of her best Bollywood moves during a sultry performance accompanied by eight dancers in ripped and torn gowns. Before the show she told MTV News she’d been rehearsing for six days and it showed, as the Stargate-produced lead single from her forthcoming album rocked the house.

Aubrey Plaza Kanye’s Will Ferrell:
Will Ferrell looked like the Daddy Warbucks of comedy while accepting his Comedic Genius award in a suit made of money. “Here’s the deal, I’m just a simple guy form Irvine, California,” he said. “Who had two basic dreams: to first, one day hopefully be able to make people laugh. The other dream to be able to wake up every day and be able to dress myself like Dennis Rodman.” Things were going fine until Aubrey Plaza tried to steal the award while sporting the hashtag of her upcoming film, “The To Do List,” in marker across her chest. She was asked to leave the show, — which just made Ferrell’s unflappable reaction even more genius.

Can't stop, won't stop.