Will Ferrell Is A Comedic Genius -- Even When Fending Off Aubrey Plaza

Ferrell keeps things funny during MTV Movie Awards acceptance speech, despite an unscripted bit with 'Parks and Recreation' actress.

When presented with the Comedic Genius honor at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Will Ferrell proceeded to mock the whole awards-show establishment — which, to be fair, seemed appropriate given the honor he was receiving. "Culver City, California!" Ferrell shouted. "Where the 10 meets the 405! Thank you!"

Ferrell stepped onstage after an introduction by "Game of Thrones" actor, and his "Elf" co-star, Peter Dinklage, who unveiled a list of things that the comedian doesn't know — including "good dental hygiene." Wearing a suit adorned in a dollar-bill motif, Ferrell championed the Sony Pictures Studios location of the ceremony and then offered his gratitude for being able to fulfill his two lifelong dreams.

"I'm just a simple guy from Irvine, California, who had two basic dreams," Ferrell said. "First, to hopefully make people laugh. The other dream [is] to be able to wake up every day and dress myself exactly like Dennis Rodman."

As he began to thank MTV, Ferrell was interrupted by Aubrey Plaza, who attempted to take his Golden Popcorn statuette as he asked if she was all right. She eventually retired to her front-row seat and he thanked her for holding up her end of a "perfectly executed" bit, but it was later revealed that Plaza's appearance onstage was unplanned and she was asked to leave after the stunt.

Ferrell resumed his list of thank-yous, acknowledging that there are probably a few people who don't think he's funny, and he had some choice words for his critics. "For those of you who don't think I'm funny, I'll be happy to fight you in the parking lot after the show," he said. "My friend Peter Dinklage has offered to help me fight you to the death, or until our parking meter expires, whichever comes first."

As he wrapped up his acceptance speech, Ferrell decided to bring his "family" onstage to publicly thank them. His faux family — an Asian woman and three Asian children — took the stage, prompting Ferrell to reveal a surprise he had planned. "This is my support system. I would like to renew our wedding vows," he said. "So to my sweet, sweet Pam: You're my rock. You're my sun, my moon and my ocean. You're my little baby. You're my baby baby."

After an awkward attempt to kiss "wife" Pam, who didn't reciprocate his affection, Ferrell insisted that she was shy, thanked the audience one more time and departed the stage. As the first recipient of MTV's Comedic Genius award, Ferrell didn't merely set the bar impossibly high for future potential candidates, he also gave an acceptance speech that'll be hard to top.