Selena Gomez Can Spot Channing Tatum's Abs A Mile Away

'That's definitely my favorite. He's going to win,' the MTV Movie Awards performer predicts for Best Shirtless Performance.

Selena Gomez might be busy prepping for her 2013 MTV Movie Awards performance at this very moment, but in between dance routines, she's also boning up on the nominees for Best Shirtless Performance with MTV News.

And while the hunks nominated this year are certainly worthy of Golden Popcorn, the "Come & Get It" singer is kind of shocked that Ryan Gosling's Photoshopped-looking physique didn't get any love.

"OK, I didn't know [about that category], but Ryan Gosling for sure is [going to win]," she mistakenly enthused to us during a break in her Movie Awards rehearsals. "What?! Why?! 'Cause that movie is too old? But he should have a free pass, though, for everything. It's upsetting."

Gomez managed to cool her anger down long enough to weigh in on this year's actual nominees, which include Taylor Lautner ("The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"), Daniel Craig ("Skyfall"), Channing Tatum ("Magic Mike"), Christian Bale ("The Dark Knight Rises") and Ted ("Ted").

When she was shown photos of the nominees' famous bodies, Selena had a hard time recognizing Craig's and Bale's abs, but she knew Lautner's ("I would hope to know that one," she joked about her ex-boyfriend), Ted's and, of course, Magic Mike's bods without any hesitation.

"Channing!" she gushed. "That's Channing! Ah, yes! That's good. That's my favorite. That's definitely my favorite. He's going to win."

We'll soon find out if Tatum has the abs to take home the Golden Popcorn on Sunday when the Rebel Wilson-hosted show goes live from Culver City at 9 p.m. ET.