MTV Movie Awards: Complete 2013 Nominations Breakdown

Just a few hours out from the show, these are the races to be watching at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night.

Can you feel it? That's the sensation of being just hours away from the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Rebel Wilson. The biggest night of the year for all things movies is set to kick off in just a little while, so before the madness descends upon Hollywood, it's time to study up on the night's categories and nominees.

2012 featured a lot of great movies and some stunning performances to go with them, making voting for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards one of the biggest challenges in the show's history. Take a look at our category breakdowns below to see what we can expect tonight, starting at 9 p.m. ET.

Movie of the Year

All five of the nominees were wildly popular when they hit theaters, and love for some has only grown since then. Running the gamut from superhero movies to a Western and a film about a talking teddy bear, the list represents the best of the best. Can "Marvel's The Avengers" take out its comic book rival "The Dark Knight Rises," or will another nominee steal the show?

Best Male Performance

The nominees in this category were all either in films up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, or they were in movies about male strippers. And though he didn't get Oscar's vote, Channing Tatum has the edge in the abs category and probably the female vote as well.

Best Female Performance

The fact that this category features two 2013 Academy Award winners and some of the most popular actresses working today makes it incredibly difficult to call. Who has the edge when Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and host for the evening, Rebel Wilson, all want the same bucket of Golden Popcorn?

Best Scared-As-S**t Performance

There is a wide variety of things that will scare the s**t out of you, and that's why we have such divergent nominees. You could be getting chased by a psychopath like Alexandra Daddario and Jennifer Lawrence. Terrorists could be hunting you like Jessica Chastain. Gollum could be thisclose to eating you like Martin Freeman, or your ship could be sinking like Suraj Sharma's.

Breakthrough Performance

The category that honors the rising stars of 2012 includes two types of newcomers. There are those like Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller and Rebel Wilson who have been around for a little while but really came into their own this year. But then you have nominees like Quvenzhané Wallis and Suraj Sharma who came out of nowhere to completely blow us away.

Best On-Screen Duo

Acting teams that work well together don't necessarily have to get along. Yes, there are best buddies in the category, like Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg in "Ted" or Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. in "Marvel's The Avengers," but sometimes a great duo hate each like Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell in "The Campaign."

Best Shirtless Performance

One of the two new categories for this year's MTV Movie Awards features some of the most finely sculpted abdominals in the game . . . and Ted. As "The Twilight Saga's" one nomination of the night, look for the hard-core fanbase of the vampire series to be backing Taylor Lautner in a big way.

Best Fight

How you vote in this category depends largely on your preferred style of fight sequence. Are you a hand-to-hand combat aficionado, leaning toward something like "The Dark Knight Rises," "Skyfall" or "Ted"? Or do you prefer a big shootout like that in "Django Unchained"? Then again, there's always the epic battle at the end of "Marvel's The Avengers." So many choices.

Best Kiss

The most heartwarming category of the evening may also be the hardest to choose. There are so many smooches to like, but how can you vote against Sam and Charlie or Django and Broomhilda? But when Katniss herself is involved in a movie-clinching make-out, it's hard to beat "Silver Linings Playbook."

Best WTF Moment

It was definitely the most messed-up moment when Javier Bardem turned into a Gollum in "Skyfall." But then again, we didn't breath during "Flight." And that "Pitch Perfect" puke was pretty gnarly. And that "Ted" joke did go a little too far. Plus, Django did blow up that whole house. They were all a lot to handle.

Best Villain

These five baddies made us love them and hate them in equal measure. Among some of the best performances of the year, the nominees of the Best Villain category also managed to find huge followings on the Internet, spawning tons of parodies and Tumblr posts.

Best Musical Moment

Some of the nominees for the other new category of the night, Best Musical Moment, show off some genuine skill, like Channing, the Barden Bellas and Anne Hathaway, but others are just having a ton of fun. Did Pat and Tiffany dance their way into your heart or will someone else waltz off with the Golden Popcorn?

Best Hero

The night's only social voting category quickly became a race between Bilbo Baggins and Snow White, who since the category opened have totaled more than 1 million votes each. We'll have to wait until showtime to see which hero will rise above.