Emma Watson Prepares Her MTV Trailblazer Award Acceptance Speech

'It just really makes me want to keep doing great work and not let anyone down,' 'Perks' actress says of her MTV Movie Award.

Emma Watson is only hours away from taking the stage at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, where she'll accept the prize for MTV Trailblazer of the year.

The actress is feeling pressure to come up with the perfect acceptance speech. She's concerned that if she also wins any of the other trophies for which she's nominated for her role in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," she might run out of things to say.

"I just realized I was thinking so much about the Trailblazer and what I was going to say. But then I realized, 'cause I got into L.A. today [on Friday], if we win anything else, I have no idea what I'm going to say," she laughed when she sat down with her "Bling Ring" co-stars for MTV's Sneak Peek Week. "So I should probably call [co-nominee] Logan [Lerman] and try and figure it out."

If Watson and Lerman should win the Best Kiss Movie Award, that would mean she'll be leaving Sunday's show with at least two Golden Popcorn trophies. And she's amped up to accept her prize for MTV Trailblazer.

"Gosh, well, I just, I was like, I don't deserve this. This is way too nice," she said about her initial reaction to the award. "It is meaningful for me because I really loved making 'Perks.' It was a movie that was very special for me and the award came kind of after that movie. So I guess it feels like it's very related to that and that was really special to me. [I'm] just really honored and it just really makes me want to keep doing great work and not let anyone down."

In addition to already bagging the Trailblazer award and stressing over a possible Best Kiss win, she's also up for Best Female Performance and Best Musical Moment (with "Perks" co-stars Lerman and Ezra Miller).

Watson is running out of time to prepare what she'll say in her acceptance speech(es), as the Rebel Wilson-hosted show goes live from Culver City at 9 p.m. ET.