Does Emma Watson Have Harry Styles On Speed Dial?

MTV Trailblazer clarifies just how close she is with the One Direction singer, ahead of Sunday's MTV Movie Awards.

They're both British, incredibly stylish and at the top of their games. And, as it turns out, Emma Watson and One Direction's Harry Styles are also pals — on Twitter, at least. And it's all because of her MTV Movie Awards nominated film, "The Perks of Being A Wallflower."

"OK, so this is what I remember. So, when I was doing 'The Perks of being a Wallflower,' [U.K. radio host] Nick Grimshaw interviewed me for [BBC] Radio 1 and he was like, 'I went to see the movie last night with Harry Styles but we had to leave halfway through the movie. So you have to make sure he sees the second half,' " she recalled on Friday night when she and her "The Bling Ring" co-stars chatted with MTV News for the last night of Sneak Peek Week.

After dishing about how they sort of, kind of know each other, she clarified, "But no, he's not a personal friend of mine. I don't have him in my phone book."

Well, we hope that Styles gets to finish the movie before Sunday. That's when the Rebel Wilson-hosted 2013 MTV Movie Awards go live from Culver City. And, "Perks" is up for four awards, including the Best Female Performance prize for Watson as well as Best Kiss (Watson and Logan Lerman), Breakthrough Performance (Ezra Miller) and Best Musical Moment (Watson, Lerman and Miller).

Additionally, Watson, who dished all about her pole dancing skills during her SPW chat (you can watch them here in this exclusive clip), is going to the show a winner. She'll be honored with the MTV Trailblazer Golden Popcorn.