'Pitch Perfect' Cast Reveal Secrets From MTV Movie Awards Rehearsal

Take a peek inside a close run-through of the big musical number in advance of Sunday's show.

As the countdown to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards winds down, those who play a role in the show, like host Rebel Wilson and the rest of the cast of "Pitch

Perfect," are putting the finishing (and top-secret) touches on their acts.

To see for ourselves what kind of work goes into prepping for Movie Awards, MTV News headed to the rehearsal for the "Pitch Perfect" cast's big reunion musical number and spoke with some of the performers, like Skylar

Astin and Ester Dean.

The key to performing at the MTV Movie Awards? "To remember to start singing, because I know that I'm going to sing," Dean explained. "I just need to know when to sing."

While we won't spoil anything we saw during the mash-up rehearsal, it's safe to say that putting together a number like this takes much effort on the part of the performers. "There's a lot of singing and a lot of cues. It's not just singing. There's explosions. There's Rebel," Astin said. "Every part is very important, and it's important to pay respect and understand what's going on around you."

"You can't be distracted by the sexy men or women," added Dean, who also wrote "Come & Get It," the song Selena Gomez will perform during the show.

Since the "Pitch Perfect" number is a reunion of sorts for the cast, they're finding each other, especially Wilson, at different points in their careers than when they last met. But breakout success hasn't changed the host of the Movie Awards. "Rebel's the same hard worker that she's always been," Astin said. "She's blown up and is obviously super famous and super known for being funny, but to us, she's still hanging out. She's a perfectionist, and that's why she's successful. "

And if you're looking for some spoilers about the show, don't ask Astin. He isn't giving up the goods. "She has tried a couple of gags out on me," he said. "I think they worked, just a couple of the jokes.

She's got a bunch of tricks up her sleeve, and we only know a couple."