Lindsay Lohan, Mike Tyson, 'Fifty Shades' Shake Up 'Scary Movie 5'

Ashley Tisdale and co-stars tell MTV News at premiere what it was like starring with bevy of celebs.

On Thursday night, the cast of "Scary Movie 5" descended on the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles to celebrate the latest installment in the franchise. And while there are plenty of other celebrities who make cameos in the flick, the night was really all about co-stars and real-life pals, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.

"I was holding on to something just in case something blew up," Terry Crews laughed to MTV News about the match-up. "And it didn't. It literally could have been the end of the world." He later added, "This is 'TMZ: The Movie.' I'm gonna put it out there, for real."

With many celebs joining the gossip-centric stars for the movie, the roster of appearances left Ashley Tisdale in a tizzy.

"It was pretty insane," Tisdale said at the red-carpet premiere. "I'd always find out maybe the day of [someone was going to be in the movie]; I'd be in hair and makeup and they'd be like 'Mike Tyson is here.' and I'm like 'Mike Tyson's in this movie?' So I was always like 'Whoa didn't see that one coming.' "

She added, "I've always been a big fan of the movies and it's such a different type of comedy than I'm used to, so I was super excited just to be a part of it."

In addition to Sheen and Lohan hopping into bed together, the unlikely pairing of Tyson and Jerry O'Connell also got in on the NSFW fun, "Fifty Shades of Grey" style.

Tyson said it was "very erotic, very borderline, very interesting. Very interesting stuff. My wife reads ['Fifty Shades'] and she's caught up with all this stuff."

His onscreen love added, "It was fun for me 'cause I got to parody Christian Grey and I read those crazy books to try and spice up my home life. And when they called up to say 'We're gonna parody it.' I said 'Oh my gosh! I'm in.' And then I get to set and my sexual partner is Mike Tyson. And there were all these sexual instruments all over the set and I kept tossing them to Ashley Tisdale ... and it was really fun. It's a crazy movie."

So, what is the "Scary Movie 5" version of "Fifty Shades" like? He explained, "You sort of amp everything up and you get super sexual and you just get crazy. And I get off on Mike Tyson beating me. At first it's scary. He's Iron Mike. He's got a face tattoo and then you meet him and he's a sweetheart."

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