Justin Bieber's Fans Hop On Motorcycles, Boats For 'All Around The World' Chase

Fans hunt down the Biebs in latest live-footage video, featuring Ludacris.

There are two kinds of Justin Bieber fans, ahem, Beliebers, we mean. There's the casual listener — "Oh, I like his 'All Around The World' video!" And then there's those with Bieber Fever — " #AATWvideo OMFB I JUST WATCHED IT! I'M GONNA FAINT I CAAAAAN'T THANK YOU @justinbieber IT WAS INCREDIBLE!"

There are plenty of Beliebers like @Kellybiebs4ever. They fill the streets, sell out arenas, get their midterm week postponed for concerts and ambush Justin's window-tinted SUV. Some Norwegians even chase him on boats. But that doesn't bother him. He relishes in it, showing off his worldwide fanbase in the video for "All Around The World," released Friday (April 12).

"told u i had a surprise ;)" Justin tweeted after teasing the video on Thursday.

Filled with Believe Tour footage from Italy, India and Japan and more, the video shows the Biebs performing "All Around The World" with pal Ludacris, who not only appeared on his 2010 "Baby" breakout but collaborated on the 2012 Believe album, where "AATW" lives. Of course, the song was later stripped down and sweetened on Believe Acoustic, but let's admit it: it's way more fun with Ludacris. We see the singer in studded jackets, drop-crotch pants and his hi-top sneakers. Luda joins him at New York City's Apollo Theater, rapping as Justin adds some energizing ad-libs.

Fans are also treated with behind-the-scenes shots from his global trek — a quirky smile, his diamond encrusted face bandana and his signature swagger while walking out to greet the Beliebers. They're willing to pay it back to their idol by breaking the Vevo 24-hour record for most views in a day, which, is actually held by Bieber himself with 10.6 million views on Oct. 13, 2012 for "Beauty and a Beat." With views slowly creeping up, fans are vowing on Twitter to raise the record, after Vevo put them up to the challenge.

JB is currently on tour in Europe, journeying into Russia by the end of the month and hitting the States in the summer.

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