Tom Cruise Welcomes Jamie Foxx To MTV Generation Award 'Secret Club'

Cruise, the first-ever recipient, praises this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards honoree.

At Sunday's 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx will accept this year's generation award. The multi-talented actor will join an exclusive club that includes Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock, and the award's first ever recipient, Tom Cruise.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with Cruise on the red carpet premiere for his latest film, "Oblivion," and asked the star what he thought of this year's honoree.

"I love Jamie. First of all, he's just an amazing human being, just so multi-talented," Cruise said. "Here's a guy who in an incredible musician. He's an incredible comedian, and he's just an extraordinary actor. I think he very much deserves it."

Both Foxx and Cruise starred in Michael Mann's 2004 film, "Collateral," for which the former earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Cruise spoke briefly about their time working together, but also touched on some of Foxx's more recent achievements, including his latest film "Django Unchained."

"I feel fortunate. I love the film that we made together," Cruise said of "Collateral." "He's incredible in 'Django [Unchained].' I dug that film. This guy can walk into any area and pick it up; he's so multi-talented."

And now that Foxx is part of the highly exclusive Generation Award club, he'll be able to do everything that past recipients get to do, whatever that is. "We're in the Generation secret club and play cards and I don't know what," Cruise joked, "talk about our generation."