Taylor Swift’s ’22’ Gets Everyone Singing In New Diet Coke Ad

It's one big karaoke party — across the country — in bubbly 'Music That Moves' commercial.

It’s a big old karaoke party in Taylor Swift’s new Diet Coke ad. Released just a week after Beyoncé’s hot “Mirrors” commercial for Pepsi, Taylor’s “Music That Moves” spot is fun because, well, as they say, only water can put out fire.

To put it simply, the immediate difference between the pop stars’ new ads is that Beyoncé’s Pepsi promo is all about, well, Beyoncé. In a three-way mirror, present-day Beyoncé dances with images of “Bootylicious” Bey, “Single Lady” Bey and “Crazy in Love” Bey, among other video alter egos, which means there are at least four Beyoncés winding and grinding … and giving four times the sexy.

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