'Hangover Part III' Trailer Hints At How Trilogy Will End

The Wolfpack gets into the same inebriated trouble in a brand-new trailer for the final movie.

After a handful of teasers, posters and photos kept us guessing as to what "The Hangover Part III" might be about, a second trailer debuted Thursday (April 11) finally cluing us in.

When Phil, Stu, and Alan get together for one last time, it looks like they'll be ending things where they started them: losing Doug in Vegas. Only this time, things are a tad more complicated. "The Hangover Part III" will introduce a new villain to the mix, one that seems more dangerous than any the Wolfpack has faced before.

The death of Alan's father has left him an emotional wreck, and the rest of the crew decides that it's time for him to clean up and go to a rehab facility. But on their way out there, they run into some trouble in the form of John Goodman.

Goodman plays a man looking for Chow, the eccentric gambler played by Ken Jeong. Chow apparently owes this man a lot of money, and since the Wolfpack has made a habit of running into him throughout their drunken and amnesic adventures, Goodman decides that they're the ones to find him, and he's going to hold Doug hostage — of course — until they do.

From there, things start to go how they usually go when these three are involved with anything. There's gunfire, Bradley Cooper hanging from a casino rooftop, and a wild animal in danger. You know, the usual stuff. "The Hangover Part III" opens in theaters everywhere on May 24.