Would Mark Wahlberg Take Off His Shirt For A Movie Award?

The 'Ted' star offers to 'beg and plead' for his first Golden Popcorn.

Mark Wahlberg plays an extorting tough guy in the upcoming film “Pain & Gain” (out April 26), but when the actor, along with co-stars Ken Jeong, Rob Corddry, Bar Paly and director Michael Bay, sat down for a Sneak Peek Week interview leading into Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, Wahlberg revealed his vulnerable side, including a surprising shortcoming: He’s never won a Golden Popcorn.

Despite previous nominations for Best Villain (“Fear”), Best Dance Sequence (“Boogie Nights”) and Best Kiss (“Invincible”), his mantel is still lacking, and it’s something he wants to rectify this year, as he’s up for three Movie Awards (Best On-Screen Duo, Best Kiss and Best Fight) for the comedy “Ted.”

“Can ‘Ted’ win a couple of awards?” Wahlberg asked. “Who do you have to bl– in this town to get a Golden Popcorn?”

When an audience member suggested Wahlberg take off his shirt to garner votes, it looked as though he might oblige, standing and playfully lifting the hem of his T-shirt. (A gesture that elicited plenty of approving yelps from the crowd.)

“He’s a dad. He’s a dad. He can’t do that!” Bay exclaimed.

“I will beg and plead for one of these lovely statues,” Wahlberg continued, immediately thinking better of it as he held the weighty trophy. “Somebody in my home might hit me with this, so maybe it’s not actually such a good idea that I get one of these. But how can ‘Ted’ not win?”

When Horowitz suggested that his best chance may very well be the Best Kiss category, Wahlberg demurred.

“I think ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ [has it]… I’m just kidding, dude,” he joked. “I wanted to act like a humble guy. Of course I want to win it. I voted so many times myself. My phone bill was crazy. I was in the Bahamas. I was roaming. It was $800 a call.”