Jay-Z’s ‘Open Letter’: What We All Learned Today!

MTV News breaks down the lyrics in Jigga's newly released solo track.

Let’s face it: Jay-Z makes for great headlines. Often the story stems from his music, but the public is quick to scarf up Hov’s business moves and personal life as well. That was the case this week when he and Beyoncé’s trip to Cuba spurred political backlash. Then, there was Jay’s signing of New York Yankee Robinson Cano, his Roc Nation move to Universal Music Group and reports that the mogul will be divesting ownership from the Brooklyn Nets.

Clearly, Shawn Carter has a lot going on, but rather than address it in a series of interviews or Twitter rants (he almost never tweets), Jay-Z decided to do what he does best: put his thoughts in a song.

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.