'To Do List' Takes Aubrey Plaza Into A 'Magical Forest' Of Self-Love

Plaza and co-star Scott Porter visit us for Sneak Peek Week, leading up to Sunday's MTV Movie Awards.

Aubrey Plaza may deadpan her way through her TV life on "Parks and Recreation," but in her new flick "The To Do List," she's a little more adventurous.

In the August movie, Plaza plays a high school student wanting to check some sexual life experiences off her bucket list before graduating and hitting the college dating scene. Somewhere along the way, she spends some of the film, well, loving herself, and she had to go into a bit of a fantasy world in order to shoot the self-love scene in front of the movie's crew.

"I'd say it's an OK day. It's a medium day. It was OK. When I'm doing things like that, I kind of go into a magical forest in my mind, so it's almost like no one's there anyway," she told MTV News during the third night of Sneak Peek Week at Universal City, California, a string of exclusive interviews and film previews leading up to Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. "Those days are the best days ever, so I'm crazy."

While there are some NSFW shenanigans that take place in the film, Plaza said there's a lot of heart as well. And that has a lot to do with the female friendships that really shape the story.

"I have two sisters. I feel like sisters before misters. That's real and it's true," she said. "When you're in high school, and I know this from my own experience, there's a lot of times when you get caught up with your boy-crazy stuff, and I think part of the movie's message is your friends, your female relationships, are the most important thing, 'cause, really, we're gonna outlive them all. Women must stick together and we must not let the men interfere. I just think female relationships are very important."

Her male co-star, Scott Porter, also signed on to the film because of his real-life friendship with Plaza and the movie's heartfelt message. "You don't do a film like this unless it has heart ... or a great cast. This movie had both of them. So it's like two home runs at once."

While "The To Do List" has a whole year to learn if it's Golden Popcorn-worthy, fans can see which celebs go home with the coveted MTV Movie Awards this Sunday when the show goes live. Rebel Wilson is set to host the 2013 show, live from the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, California.

Before the Movie Awards on Sunday, fans can tune in to the remaining Sneak Peek Week chats, when Josh Horowitz sits down with the stars of "The Heat" and "The Bling Ring" on Thursday and Friday nights, respectively. The stars from both flicks will be dishing with MTV at 11 p.m. ET. Following an exclusive clip from the movies, Horowitz will chat with the cast live, exclusively on MTV.com.