Big Sean Shares Story Behind 'Sexy' New Scar

The rapper tells MTV News how he got the scratch at a concert.

As far as we know, Big Sean doesn't have an overwhelming Tony Montana obsession, but after a recent concert in Germany, the Detroit MC could adopt the Scarface nickname — if he wanted to.

"I was getting too hyped up and I leaned in to the crowd and this girl got way too excited and straight up like dug into my face," Sean told MTV News on Saturday about the scar under his right eye. "She was just excited, it was an accident and that's just how it came about."

At first Sean thought the wound looked cool, so he went on Instagram to show off his new battle wound. "I accidentally spelled scarred wrong and said scared," Sean said laughing.

"You think it looks tough? You like that? It's sexy right," he continued to joke.

Before the interview Sean had a date at USC's Springfest 2013 and for the first time performed his new Hall of Fame track "Switch Up."

"As thought provoking as the album is, me and Common just had fun on this track. We didn't think too much, we just went in, went hard — you know, pause," he saidof the new song, which he released on Friday. "When I put it out, I did it for the believers and the people that's been rocking with me, fans of just real rap."

Initially some fans thought the song, which champions crew loyalty was a dis hurled at Kid Cudi who recently announced that he was leaving G.O.O.D. Music, the label to which Sean is signed. "It was just ironic that he announced he's leaving G.O.O.D. Music the same time we put the song 'Switch Up' out," Sean said noting that Cudi is his brother.

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