'The Voice' Teams Are Full: Meet The Latest Singers!

Usher, Shakira, Adam and Blake can finally keep their chairs forward for the season.

With only one spot left in each of the judges' teams, Usher, Shakira, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were extra selective when swiveling their chairs. Although many singers brought their game to "The Voice," the judges passed up singer after singer in order to wait it out for that special someone.

So who are the final four making it onto "The Voice"? Meet the last group to make it through season four's blind auditions.

From Tutus To Tattoos

Jaqui Sandell's biography would be titled "From Tutus To Tattoos," she told host Carson Daly. After success in classical ballet, Jaqui ditched her pointe shoes and went punk with her band. But she didn't bring that hardcore attitude onstage. Instead, she relaxed back with a cool version of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." While her bandmate shouted backstage for a four-chair turn, only Usher and Blake dug her breathy vocals and quick vibrato. "You don't know what you're capable of. You've got a very sexy sound," Blake said, comparing his body ink with hers and saying they'd make a good pair. This apparently worked, and Shelton's team found its last member.

All Mine!

Blake was ecstatic about closing up his team, but that didn't last long. Amber Carrington came along with her hefty pipes and country vibe and impressed him. Without a vote, Blake sat cringing in his seat as he watched Adam hit his button. "Yeah, she's good," Blake approved, encouraging Usher to steal her. Usher hovered over his big red button for a bit, but Adam ended up filling his team without contest. Amber was all his, and boy, was he happy Blake was out of the picture!

I Can't Make You Choose Me

Shakira and Usher battled it out for Luke Edgemon, who put a sultry spin on Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me." The Colombian singer even got a little feisty, mocking Ursher's goofy way of sitting by manipulating her leg onto her chair (a feat in leather pants!). "I'm your girl," she pled, while Ush sat cooly in confidence. Edgemon, who got his start in Charismatic Church, went for Shakira, who, you know, turned her chair first, she boasted.

Usher Prepares For War

Jessica Childress had Usher smiling from the beginning, but he didn't push his button right away. Although his choice was inevitable, he waited a moment, amping up the audience before he stood on his chair, pressed his button and presented himself to his last mentee. Childress, exuding cuteness with big hair and mimicking Shakira's moves (she practiced them for the show), welcomed Usher in open arms as he launched toward her. Rounding out his battle-ready team, a few teasers from next week's show saw Usher in full-fledged war mode.

Battle rounds begin next episode and will feature additional coaching from Pharrell, Sheryl Crow, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte (and from "The Voice Australia") and Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum.

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