Big Sean Says 'Switch Up' Timing Is 'Just Ironic,' Not A Kid Cudi Dis

Sean clears the air about his supposed Cudi dis on 'Switch Up' with MTV News.

G.O.O.D. Music managed to make some pretty big headlines last week when Kid Cudi announced that he was leaving the Kanye West-helmed label, and then, Big Sean dropped his new track "Switch Up" days later.

While Sean is preaching crew loyalty on the new tune, it has absolutely nothing to do with Cudders' departure from the label, he says. "It was just ironic that he announced he's leaving G.O.O.D. Music the same time we put the song 'Switch Up' out," Sean told MTV News on Saturday during USC's Springfest 2013, a day after he put the track out.

"A lot of people were hitting up my Twitter like, 'Is this a Kid Cudi dis?' " he said anecdotally. "Motherf---er that's the dumbest sh-- somebody could ever say. That's my fam. When I lost my Jesus piece Cudi gave me his Jesus piece. That's my brother."

The Detroit MC says that he and his "Switch Up" guest star Common were just having a good time on the song and that the track is just one of the many different vibes that exist on his upcoming Hall of Fame LP. "As thought provoking as the album is, me and Common just had fun on this track. We didn't think too much, we just went in, went hard — you know, pause," he said. "When I put it out, I did it for the believers and the people that's been rocking with me, fans of just real rap."

As for Kid Cudi, Sean says that he and his buddy have new music coming soon. "That's my brother for life, he's on Hall of Fame — on an awesome song, rapping his ass off," he teased. "It's good times, it's deeper than that."

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