Paramore Poured Their 'Souls And Hearts' Into New Album

After a long journey, band's 'ambitious' self-titled album is in stores on Tuesday.

Paramore can't believe today is finally here: After nearly four years and two rather prominent departures and one rather intense reinvention, their brand-new album is finally in stores. And after having gone through so much just to make it to this point, well, you can't really blame them for having difficulty answering a simple question like "How are you feeling?"

"It's really exciting, nerve-racking. I think the feelings between each record release are very similar, but also completely different, because it's a different work of art," guitarist Taylor York explained. "You remember the times you had writing the songs, and the struggles and the victories. This was such an amazing process for us, and there's been so much anticipation for us, personally."

Just like they told MTV News last month, the lead-up to their self-titled album has been a rollercoaster ride, one they described as "terrifying." After all, they've poured their heart into it, and, with its extra-long running time and proudly-pop singles, well, they're taking their fair share of risks, too.

"The whole thing is a big deal for us, for a lot of reasons, mostly because of how much of our souls and hearts are right there on it," Hayley Williams said. "We were a little ambitious, and hopefully that's okay. I think it's good to be that way, and I think it's good to take risks. His is definitely a very long album, there's gonna be two 12 inches with two sides each; it's going to be a big deal. Hopefully people are into it. We're into it.

But for all the new territory Paramore explore on their new album, it remains, at its very heart, a logical extension of everything they've done in the past. They've been through the wringer, but they've emerged a stronger — and better — band, because of it.

"I don't think we knew what we wanted to accomplish ... it was really hard for us to try and give a direction," Jeremy Davis said. "We had a lot of ideas, we wanted to have interludes, we wanted to show all the different sides to us that people don't know, and that took a lot of experimenting, and took us to a lot of foreign territories that we've never been into. It was hard for us to explain it. [But] it all started to come together during the recording process and then it started to sound like us."

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