Emma Watson Vs. Seth Rogen: Who's Blazed More Trails?

Watson will receive the MTV Trailblazer Award at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, an honor her 'This Is the End' co-star dubs 'impressive.'

It's not just Rihanna who is slapping people around in the new comedy "This Is the End," out later this year. MTV Movie Awards nominee and Trailblazer Award winner Emma Watson also gets to beat someone up in the flick.

"She was into it. We wrote her the role and we sent it to her and we said, 'It's a little crazy, but we think you'd be really funny doing it.' And she was totally game," star/writer/director Seth Rogen told MTV News on Monday night during the first night of Sneak Peek Week in Universal City, California, leading up to Sunday's Movie Awards. "And it was awesome and she beats the sh-- out of me in the movie, which may have been one of the reasons she was so psyched about it.

"I don't think she even knew who I was," he added. "I'm not convinced she'd seen any of my movies. She was awesome. I can't believe she did it. It was very nice of her in the end."

The "Perks of Being a Wallflower" actress will be at the show Sunday to take home a very special piece of hardware as the 2013 MTV Trailblazer at this year's Movie Awards, which go live Sunday at 9 p.m.

"Is she like 23? That's young to be a trailblazer!" Rogen marveled. "That's impressive. I'm 30. I'm not a trailblazer yet. How many trails do I gotta blaze? I blaze more than anyone! You know that. [Laughs.] Such a stupid joke ... "

In addition to the MTV Trailblazer Award, Watson is also up for three other Movie Awards nominations: Best Female Performance, Best Kiss (with "Perks" co-star Logan Lerman) and Best Musical Moment (with "Perks" co-stars Lerman and Ezra Miller).

Watson will be on hand to open up about her big Movie Awards night when she stops by Sneak Peek Week on Friday with her "Bling Ring" co-stars. They'll be dishing about the Sofia Coppola-directed flick on MTV at 11 p.m. ET. Following an exclusive clip from the movie, MTV's Josh Horowitz will chat with the cast live, exclusively on MTV.com.