Paramore's 'Still Into You' Video: Pop And Proud

Paramore premiere brand-new "Still Into You" video, a candy-colored slice of pure pop.

Paramore have made it abundantly clear that their new album represents not only a seismic shift in sound, but a rather dramatic reinvention of the band itself ... and, really, given the past few years, you can't blame them for wanting to change everything.

And while this new Paramore may have some of their fans worried — especially given the bold, pop flourishes of new single "Still Into You" — well, Hayley Williams and Co. appear to be having an absolute blast: Case in point, their brand-new video for "Still," which premiered on their official site Monday at midnight, and, simply put, is unlike any the band have ever made before.

Working with director Isaac Rentz, they've created a candy-colored, pastel-pop experience, one that — as the band explained to MTV News on the "Still" set last month — is meant "to capture what love feels like." And so, in a series of scenes that play out in an Austin, Texas mansion, we wath Paramore cruise around on bedazzled BMXs, frolic in a room filled with balloons and dance amidst fireworks. Hayley Williams performs in a bedroom filled with birthday cakes, and, in what is surely a first for her, attempt a dance routine, albeit aided by several ballerinas.

In short, it's blissed-out, fizzy fun. Rentz fills every frame with bright colors and fuzzy feelings, and, unlike their "Now" video — or, really, anything from their back catalog — there is no overarching message, morose moping or dark-and-stormy sentiments. "Still Into You" is so light it's practically buoyant, so effervescent it pops right before your very eyes. Sufficed to say, they didn't used to make 'em like this.

And judging by some of the comments fans have been leaving on YouTube, not everyone is loving this new look ... or sound. But watching Paramore in this video, you get the sense they could care less. Call them a pop band if you'd like; the simple fact is, they're done with the drama, and they're having the time of their lives.

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