Chris Brown Reveals What His CBE Label Really Stands For

Breezy tells MTV News he won't let Sevyn Streeter, Sabrina Antoinette and U.G.L.Y. 'get stuck in a box.'

Chris Brown is ready to take his song and dance to the next level, by cultivating his CBE label roster. And he wants to make sure all of his artists have the same opportunities he had.

"I don't even like to say, 'Yo, they're my artists,' " Brown told us of Sevyn Streeter, pop singer Sabrina Antoinette and rock band U.G.L.Y. "Most of the time you get stuck in a box where people don't give them a shot because they're getting co-signed by another artist. For me all the artists that are signed under me — or that are working with me — are phenomenal."

The label's acronym breaks down to Chris Brown Entertainment, but the multiplatinum singer doesn't want to make it all about him so he has come up with two other meanings behind his imprint: Culture Beyond Your Evolution and/or Culture Beyond Your Experience.

"I always use the metaphors and the different meanings. I like to be weird like that," he said.

Even if his metaphors are weird, Breezy's mentoring techniques make perfect sense. He says his roster has been with him for over a year training on how to become better artists. One training exercise that Brown uses is running on a treadmill while singing to build stamina and breath control. "It's not boot camp, because they want to do it, but it's basically me shaping them so when they hit the road they're ready 100 percent," he explained.

U.G.L.Y. has been releasing music videos online, and Sevyn is currently promoting her latest single "I Like It." The track's dance-filled music video has amassed 1.7 million views on YouTube since being posted in January.

If all goes according to plan, Chris will bless a new generation of artists with a pretty amazing opportunity. "I try to give them the chance that I have. Also just put any knowledge that I have of the industry on to them," he said.

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