JWoww Considers 'Getting Married By Elvis'

After Hurricane Sandy put her wedding plans on the back burner, the star considers getting hitched in Vegas.

JWoww put her wedding plans on the back burner when Hurricane Sandy blew through New Jersey last October. And while she had intended on a summer wedding, it seems that dates have been moved around since so many venues were ruined by the storm.

"Since Sandy, me and [my fiancé] Roger [Mathews] put the whole wedding on hold," she told MTV News, last week when she also opened up about being a godmother to Snooki's baby boy Lorenzo. "We're waiting for a lot of Jersey locations to be open. He actually just finished his house, so I'm sure in the next couple of weeks the venues that we looked at originally will be reopened after they're renovated. And we'll be able to take a look in them."

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But, JWoww isn't a bridezilla about the whole thing. In fact, she seems pretty chill about getting the planning off the ground again. "But besides that that sh--'s a headache," she said about having to resume her duties after getting engaged last year. "I got my guest list up to 500 [people] and I was done after that. I was like 'I'm good. I don't want this. It's giving me a migraine.' "

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During this week's season-two finale of "Snooki & JWoww," the former "Jersey Shore" star and her fiancé celebrated their engagement, inviting their pals to a shindig in their honor. And while a guest list has been made for the nuptials, JWoww isn't even sure she'll send out the invitations. "I feel like I'm gonna end up going to Vegas getting really s---faced and getting married by Elvis," she said.

Though, in case you're wondering, MTV is definitely invited to that wedding. "Of course I would totally have MTV there," she said. "As long As I'm ready and as long as everything fall into play and they want to come."