Ryan Gosling In 'Only God Forgives': Five Key Scenes

The first trailer from 'Drive' director's next film is as brutal as you'd expect.

When Ryan Gosling met director Nicolas Winding Refn, something special happened — something so special that before 2011's "Drive" even hit theaters, the duo had already planned their next project together. Now, "Drive" fans are getting their first look at the Thai-based crime thriller "Only God Forgives."

The flick has a scheduled European release date in May, and a brand-new red band trailer that premiered Wednesday night revealed that it will be released in the U.S. on July 19.

The preview is as dark and brutal as we've come to expect from the duo, and we've combed through it to study every piece of vital information, and these are the five key scenes.


The trailer begins with a dark voiceover from Kristen Scott Thomas, who plays Jenna, a crime boss out to avenge the death of her son. To even the score, she enlists her son, Gosling as Julien, to hunt down the killer, but her remaining son is "different," as she describes in the trailer. "When I was pregnant with you, it was strange. You were different," she says. "They wanted me to terminate, but I wouldn't. I don't understand you, and I never will."

He's Definitely Different

It doesn't take long for Refn to give us a perfect example of how Julien is different. The next shot shows Gosling dragging a man down a hallway by the roof of his mouth. Though we're likely looking at an entirely different monster, there are definitely shades of "Drive" and the titular Drive in "Only God Forgives" and Julien, but we'll have to wait until July to see if the new Gosling-Refn collaboration can find the same cult following.

Angel of Death

Chang, the gentleman you saw stab a guy in both arms, is nicknamed the Angel of Death. According to the official synopsis that came with the trailer release, he's also the "mysterious, unhinged policeman [who is] following [Julien's] every move." When Julien and Chang cross paths, things do no go well for at least one of them.

Ain't Pretty No More

The early promotional material for "Only God Forgives" seems as if it was created to intentionally shock the legion of Gosling fans who had fallen for the actor's good looks. Instead of the wide-eyed smirk he's known for in his lighter films, the first poster for "Only God Forgives" greeted viewers with the sight of a savagely beaten and bruised Ryan Gosling,and we see a few seconds of that face as he walks toward the camera firing a gun.

"Wanna Fight?"

The trailer ends with the only words Gosling speaks in the entire preview. He approaches Chang and proposes an offer he wouldn't have thrown out there if he knew what his face would look like afterward.

"Only God Forgives" opens in theaters on July 19.

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