Tyga's Hotel California Isn't Like Its Cover 'At All'

'When you listen to the music it's the total opposite,' Tyga tells MTV News of what he considers the 'classic and mellow' album cover.

Don't judge Tyga's Hotel California by its cover. On the surface T-Raww's LP art may look calm and serene, but the album's tracks are anything but.

"The music is not mellow at all, so that's why I did the cover real classic and mellow and laid back. When you listen to the music it's the total opposite," he told us on the set of his upcoming "Molly" music video with Wiz Khalifa.

When Tyga first revealed the Hotel California cover in February, he was plastered front and center wearing a long white mink coat and matching mink hat standing in the courtyard of a plush Hollywood home. To the rapper's side was a tiger and behind him were palm trees and the Hollywood hills. Though fans were quick to react, the Young Money flame-thrower then retracted the image, admitting that he jumped the gun by releasing it.

"My problem is I'm impatient, so I don't like to wait until everything is done to put it out. I always like to give my fans information as soon as I get it, to keep them involved from day one," he said. "Actually that wasn't the official cover, it was never done. I had just tweeted it out like let me see what people think."

In the end, the rapper opted to take himself off of the April 9 album cover completely, leaving only the real-life tiger lying by a sunny poolside. "I got like four or five other covers too, but I just officially felt like the one that I put out with the tiger on the front and the tiger on the back, it felt classic to me," he said. "The tiger is self-explanatory, but I just felt like it was real classic and it said a lot about California and that image. From the palm trees to the just the relaxation, to what California brings."

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