Will Nicki Minaj Ditch 'Pink' In Her 'New Era'?

Nicki tells MTV News that 'Pink Friday' might not even be in next album's title.

Nicki Minaj hasn't started working on her third album yet, but the Young Money cash queen is already looking to take a different direction her next time out. Nick had previously messaged to her Barbz that she was considering Pink Friday: The Pink Print for her next album title, but a girl can change her mind, right?

"At this point I don't even know if I want to include the word pink," she said during "MTV First: Nicki Minaj," laughing.

The Pink Friday brand is synonymous with the rapper, who has put just as much emphasis on her brand as she does her raps. In 2010, Minaj released her debut album, Pink Friday and then revisited the theme with 2012's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up. "So the Pink Friday, it's like a great chapter and I love it. It represents great things, but I really want to start a new era," she said from a Burbank, California, recording studio right after the premiere of her "High School" music video with Lil Wayne.

The multiplatinum rap star feels that her experiences over the past few years have changed her, but ultimately, Nicki will let the music dictate the LP's direction. Right now she's leaning away from pink, but still manages to leave the door ajar, just in case she has another change of heart. "I just don't know, I want to see where the music takes me first," she swayed.

There's a ton going on in Nicki's world. Of course there is her "American Idol" commitment, but also, there is an upcoming fashion line, a new drink she's pushing out and an upcoming speaker deal. Then there is this third album, which Ms. Minaj says takes precedence over it all. "I'm getting beats as we speak, I just haven't started writing as of yet, but that's my biggest priority obviously," she said.

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