JWoww Tosses Some Dough In Godson Lorenzo's College Fund

'Snooki & JWoww' star will 'show him the ways,' she tells MTV News.

JWoww may have celebrated her engagement to Roger on the season finale of "Snooki & JWoww" on Tuesday night, but these days, she's rejoicing her godmother status with Snooki's baby, Lorenzo.

Snooki's longtime co-star and real-life pal was on hand during the christening last month, and she tells MTV News it was a lavish affair a long time in the making. "Everyone got to see on 'Snooki & JWoww' [season] one, Nicole asked me to be the godmom but that was, god, forever ago. She was only three months pregnant when she asked me and anything could have changed from there to here," she explained. (Snooki gave birth to Lorenzo last August.) "Fast forward a year, you know, I was holding Lorenzo up in the church, and he's officially my godson, and I had tears coming down my face."

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As any Snooki fan knows, the pint-sized reality star knows how to throw a party. And, she pulled out all the stops for the March event. "It was such a great experience for me to have and to be a part of her family and it was one up like a wedding; big church, two, three hundred people there," she said. "Three, four hundred people at the reception afterwards. It was crazy, it was fun. And I'm just glad I'm officially a part of that family."

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While she may only be a couple weeks into her godmother duties, she's already planning for the future in a major way. "I think I'll be a pretty good god mommy," she said. "I already started Lorenzo's college tuition. That was his present from me. So even though I hope he gets a scholarship [because] I'd rather buy him a car than have to pay for college, I think he'll do good. I think he'll earn a wrestling scholarship.

"This is what I feel in my future," she said. "And I'm just gonna show him the ways and hope he learns from me and his mom's errors and mistakes that we made along the way."