Nicki Minaj Teases A Return To Her 'First Love,' Acting

'I can't really say too much about it, but I definitely have the acting bug,' the performing-arts high school alum tells MTV News.

We all know Nicki Minaj has a flair for the dramatic, so it's no surprise that before music, theater was her passion.

Back when the Young Money queen attended the famous LaGuardia performing-arts high school in New York, she had dreams of becoming an actress, and now that she's made major waves in music, Ms. Minaj might make a return to her roots.

"I may be working on something right now. I can't really say too much about it, but I definitely have the acting bug," Nicki told MTV News correspondent Christina Garibaldi from a Burbank, California, recording studio, right after the premiere of her "High School" music video. "That was my first love, so you just never know."

Nicki might not have been able to say much about her future Hollywood endeavors, but she did open up about her new Benny Boom-directed video. The "High School" clip has a distinct cinematic feel that Nick says was inspired by Hype Williams' 1998 cult-classic film "Belly."

MTV Style breaks down Nicki's "High School" video, look by look.

"High School" plays out like a cute crime caper, with Minaj and her leading man, Lil Wayne, stealing jewels from the dreaded "El Jefe." Though the heist-themed video plays out within the song, Nicki does get to show off some of her acting chops, particularly in the bedroom, where she shares a sensuous love scene with Weezy.

"In the lyrics that I'm spitting, I'm talking about a dude that is in the 'hood. He did time in jail, makes money the best way he knows how — moving weight or whatever — but I'm still obsessed with him," she said of Wayne's character. "There's something still so lovable about him. And that's kind of what the video shows."

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