Paramore Reveal Details Of 'Still Into You' Video

Band's new clip aims to 'capture what love feels like,' and, yes, there are stunts.

Paramore got down and dirty in their "Now" video, doing their own stunts and battling biting spiders to make a clip that burst with color ... and packed a powerful message.

So when it came time to shoot a video for "Still Into You," the second single off their self-titled album, you think they'd want to take the easy way out — perhaps make something a little less high impact. But then again, as they've continued to prove in recent months, Paramore don't do anything the easy way anymore.

"We've been doing all our stunts. No stunt guy, but we probably need a stunt man for the camera guy, because I keep running into him," bassist Jeremy Davis told MTV News on the "Still Into You" set in Austin, Texas. "Actually, I've realized you can't really consider it making a music video unless you get hurt, because every video, we end up in pain, like we just had the most incredible workout ever. It's awesome to do our own stunts; we might as well be Jackie Chan."

So, working with director Isaac Rentz (Tegan and Sara's "Closer," Blink-182's "After Midnight"), Paramore created clip that was still heavy on the stunts, but light on literal message. Which, given that the song is very much about Hayley Williams' relationship with boyfriend Chad Gilbert, was a welcome change ... especially given the sheer number of treatments they received that wanted to focus only on that aspect.

"A lot of people would hear the song and assume it would be about the story of people still being in love, but what was so appealing about Isaac's treatment is that he wanted to capture what love feels like," guitarist Taylor York said. "So a lot of it is us trying to embody that, just having a blast. Riding bikes indoors, swimming in a sea of balloons, trying to create that magical feeling, visually. He had so many ideas, and it definitely jumped out at us."

"And, again, there's stunts," Davis laughed. "It's like we can't say 'No' to them."

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