'The Voice' Judges Team Up Against Blake Shelton For Country Stars

The third night of blind auditions was filled with country talent, and Adam Levine was ready to fight Shelton to the death.

"The Voice" just got a little catty. The third night of blind auditions saw coaches teaming up to oust other coaches in their own genres.

They even went so far as to call names, with Levine telling Shakira to shut up in Spanish and Usher calling Shelton a Snuffleupagus! But it wasn't all hate, bromance was in full force when Levine ended up in Shelton's lap. Yeah, that happened.

Here's what else happened:

Country Free-For-All

The country-heavy night was heated from the start when Levine announced his mission: to nab a country artist away from the CMA Entertainer of the Year. When the astounding Holly Tucker turned all four chairs, Levine teamed with Usher and Shakira to "fight Blake." A calm Shelton just assured Tucker that she knew "the right thing to do," and hypnotically persuaded her to join the country star's team. But don't fret; Levine exacted his revenge when he finally landed his first country artist, Warren Stone. "I'm so ignited by you right now. You're going to be a huge country star," Levine exclaimed, leaving Shelton in shock and awe.


While the show is clearly about the voice, it seems to have expanded its territory to coining new catch phrases. When the fun and fresh Swon Brothers took the stage, resident funny man Blake told them they were "Swinners." No, he didn't stop there. When trying to win one contestant over, he claimed he couldn't focus on the song with "Gusher" yapping in his ear. Hilarious.

Idol Love

From the minute Monique uttered a word, you knew she was Shakira's. The young Cuban child star gushed about looking up to the Latin bombshell, showing off a picture she took with Shakira when she was 10. The talented singer even sang Shakira's "Loca" hoping to turn the chair of her idol. Her efforts paid off when all four judges pushed their buttons but the boys knew they were no match. "All in favor of her picking Shakira?" Shelton joked as they raised their hands. So off Monique went into the arms of her idol.

Gut Instinct

Michelle Chamuel was definitely not what she seemed. The timid-looking young woman turned into a rock diva onstage as she belted Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," turning the chairs of Levine, Shakira and Usher. "You look so pure but when you sing it's like you would rock the earth," Levine said of Chamuel, while Shakira connected with the "raw chick" inside of her. But in a surprise move, even to Chamuel, she went with her gut instinct choosing Usher as her new mentor.

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