Nicki Minaj Premieres Steamy 'High School' Video: Watch!

Minaj raises the temperature, shares a bed with Lil Wayne in her brand-new music video.

As if the steamy promo pics did not tip you off to this fact, Nicki Minaj's new "High School" video does not actually take place in high school — unless said high school also has a hot tub on premises.

Instead, it's set on the sprawling compound of a drug lord, with Nicki cast in role of his girlfriend. She spends her days lounging poolside, until one day, when Lil Wayne and Birdman arrive to conduct a transaction with "El Jefe," and she decides it's time to exact some small manner of revenge: by breaking into his safe, and fleeing with Weezy on board a helicopter under the cover of darkness (El Jefe must be a heavy sleeper).

That's the plot, as it were, though what happens in "High School" is largely inconsequential: this is a video that looks lush, and with its "Scarface-ian" scope, it seems custom made for the big screen. Nicki doesn't disappoint in the wardrobe department, either, no doubt thrilling her Barbz and setting pulses pounding in a series of barely-there bathing suits and outfits. And then, there's her sex scene with Wayne, which is certainly steamy, and is guaranteed to be the thing most of her fans will be talking about for the foreseeable future ... a bit of slash fiction played out in music video form.

And in that regard, "High School" definitely lives up to its name: It'll inspire no shortage of gossip about Nicki's relationship with Wayne. It's kind of like a teenaged fantasy brought to life... but in a world only Nicki seems capable of creating. But in a world only Nicki seems capable of creating. She's definitely going to be voted Homecoming Queen after this.

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