Chris Brown Plans 'Real Hot' Video Collection To Accompany X Album

Breezy reveals to MTV News that he plans to release 'The X Package,' a 10-video collection that will serve as a companion to his upcoming X album.

When it comes to Chris Brown, you can never know what's going to happen next, and that's just the way he likes it.

In the music video for his new single "Fine China," Breezy pursues a forbidden love, only to end up in a stand-off with guns drawn in his face before the six-minute clip ends in a cliffhanger.

So what happens next? Brown says he's just dropping breadcrumbs that will carry over across of series of 10 music videos to accompany his upcoming X LP. "That's all in my little plan to do a couple of videos. I want to do 10 videos and call it 'The X Package,' " he told us on Friday. "For this video, you get a little bit of suspense and then it builds up at the end and you see what happens."

Brown directed the "Fine China" clip, but didn't give word if he will be directing the other nine videos in the package, but given his penchant for getting behind the camera lately, it is a strong possibility. "I'm a big movie guy. I love watching movies. It always keeps me creative," he said of his directorial influences.

CB is also influenced by Michael Jackson, whom he celebrates with "Fine China" both sonically and visually. The track's calming-yet-dance-heavy groove conjures up memories of the King of Pop, while specific video scenes recall "Bad" and "Smooth Criminal."

"MJ, I can honestly say he's probably my greatest influence," Brown told us. "Michael, he just set the foundation for every other artist to try to be great. ... I'm inspired to be as great and just try to be the best Chris Brown I can be in the process."

There's no telling what other influences Brown will pull in for "The X Package," but he will have plenty of room to let his imagination run free. "I'm going to do these 10 videos, so when you see it almost makes you fall in love with whatever it is," he said. "So hopefully we make the video real hot."

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