'Walking Dead' Season Finale Opens The Gates, Raises Questions

Heroes die, villains escape and questions are raised on the third season finale of 'The Walking Dead.'

Warning: "Walking Dead" season finale spoilers lurk ahead!

Alas, poor Milton; you never stood a chance.

Woodbury's resident genius, played by actor Dallas Roberts, was one of the many human casualties on the "Walking Dead" season three finale that aired Sunday night. The actor teased as much during a recent interview with MTV News, promising an unstoppable amount of bloodshed during the season finale.

But Milton wasn't the only hero who passed away — pour one out for Andrea, Allen and pretty much everybody who ever called Woodbury their home — and some characters, like the ruthless Governor, even managed to survive the finale against all odds. The season closed with the survivors of Woodbury coming to live under the roof of the prison, and the question on all of our minds is this: how long can these people enjoy peace before the Governor comes crashing the party once again?

Here are some of our other thoughts from the "Walking Dead" season finale.

Adios, Andrea: The biggest death of the episode came in the form of lawyer Andrea, one of the show's core cast members from the first season. Laurie Holden's exit comes as a surprise for fans of the comic books — Andrea's story plays out much differently in Robert Kirkman's comics — but the writing was on the wall for weeks now. Andrea never quite connected with fans this season, either, so her passing is something of a bittersweet development: sweet to see an extraneous character go, but bitter for fans of the source material to see one of the fan-favorite heroes mishandled on the TV series.

Retreat of the Governor: Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season finale was this: the Governor made it out alive. After leading his fellow Woodburians into an ambush at the prison, the Governor cracked and riddled his very own men and women with bullets. When last we saw him, he was riding off to who knows where with two of his only remaining allies, including Merle-in-the-making Martinez. The Governor still lurking in the world of "The Walking Dead" is bad news for everyone still with a head on his or her shoulders — as we fully expect to find out once season four begins.

Welcome to Prison: Murdering dictator aside, Woodbury wasn't such a bad place to live. Organized community activities, occupations for almost everybody, neighborly scenery ... as far as post-apocalyptic civilizations are concerned, Woodbury had a lot going for it. Why, then, did Rick and his companions transfer the Woodbury survivors to the prison, rather than bring his people to the safer walls of Woodbury? Something tells me all of the survivors will ask that question early on in season four, and it won't be long before we see some or all of our heroes return to the home of the Governor, if only for a supply run.

Carl Gone Bad: Just as Rick has gotten ahold of his sanity again, his son is starting to lose his. Little Carl killed his first human at point-blank range in the season finale, and it clearly took its toll on the young man, no matter how much he tries to play it off. Just as Rick's morality was in question going into season three, it looks like Carl's grasp on his own humanity is beginning to slip as we move towards the fourth season of the AMC zombie drama. Hey, if it gets him to take the goofy hat off? Fine by us!

Who Dies Next?: Andrea and Milton are gone, but a surprising amount of survivors remain. Carol lived through tragedy after tragedy. Glenn and Maggie's unlikely love made it through the Governor's rampage. Heck, even Hershel survived the entire season, with only one leg! Don't expect such luck throughout season four, of course, especially with the Governor still on the loose. If the show has taught us anything in three seasons, it's that no one is safe. Count on that staying the case in season four.

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