'Walking Dead' Season-Finale Preview: Bloodshed Is Coming

'When it goes black, the wait until season four is going to be interminable,' actor Dallas Roberts tells MTV News about what to expect.

The only thing worse than losing your hand in the zombie apocalypse, then losing the fingers off your other hand, just minutes before being shot in the chest and left to suffer an eternity as a mindless, flesh-hungry walker is ... well, actually, it's possible that the answer is nothing.

What happened to Merle Dixon in last week's episode could well be the most messed-up we've seen in three seasons of "The Walking Dead."

Thankfully, there's still one more episode this season that can reset the bar of horrible things.

Ahead of tonight's season three finale, actor Dallas Roberts — who stars on "Walking Dead" as The Governor's brainy lieutenant Milton — swung by MTV News to tell us what we can expect from the climactic episode and his character specifically ... by playing a little game of Dead Right, Dead Wrong.

Statement #1: "The Governor and Rick will call off their feud and celebrate a new truce over hot dogs and s'mores."

Dallas Says: Dead wrong! He promises there will be no s'mores in the finale. (Though that says nothing of hot dogs, so keep hope alive, fellow frankfurter fanatics!) But what about the prospect of peace? Even though things look dire for the war between Woodbury and the prison, Roberts cautions fans not to lose hope just yet. "I don't think you can give up on anything or count on anything, which is one of the beauties of where the show is positioned right now. It can go any number of ways," he says. "But it's going to keep getting bigger, stronger and crazier."

Statement #2: "Milton will save the day by figuring out the key to the zombie apocalypse before any further bloodshed."

Dallas Says: Definitely dead wrong! Even though Milton has worked hard all season long to find out if there's hope for the reanimated corpses plaguing the human remains, he won't make any major breakthroughs in the finale — at least not any major breakthroughs that happen before blood is spilled. "There's going to be bloodshed way before anybody figures out the cure," he says. "I mean, that's going to be, like, season eleven!" As for whether or not Milton himself at least gets a moment to act like a hero in the finale, Roberts cryptically smiles: "It's possible."

Statement #3: "Milton will say, 'Screw this,' ditch Woodbury, get to the ocean, set sail for greener pastures, and wind up as the God-King of a cannibal tribe."

Dallas Says: A "pretty confident" dead wrong! No, Milton won't sail off into the sunset to find a new world — not literally, at least — but Roberts admits that he has given thought to places he would have liked to take his character over the course of season three. "In Woodbury, Milton did not get a lot of chances [for action scenes]," says the actor. "Hopefully, as Milton continues to grow, he'll get some of that."

Statement #4: "The Governor will gnaw off Milton's fingers in the heat of battle, then break his glasses to add insult to injury."

Dallas Says: Even though Merle just exited "The Walking Dead" in similar fashion, Roberts says such a fate is indeed possible for Milton. "You can't rule anything out," he laughs. The actor won't elaborate any further on his character's final fate, or his final scenes opposite David Morrissey's Governor, except to describe it with these ominous words: "Shocking. It's shocking."

Statement #5: "Lots of people are about to die."

Dallas Says: "I can neither confirm nor deny that I'm even on 'The Walking Dead,'" the actor jokes. But he adds that no matter how high the body count gets in the coming finale, this is "The Walking Dead," and fans won't be disappointed by what's about to go down. "Everyone who has taken you for three seasons is not going to let you down. You can expect that when it goes black, the wait until season four is going to be interminable," he teases. "People are going to be talking, that's for sure."

What do you think will happen on the "Walking Dead" season finale? Weigh in with your predictions in the comments below!