Little Mix Ready To Get 'Fruit Loopy' On Reality TV

U.K. 'X Factor' winners tell MTV News they'd love to follow in the footsteps of the Wanted and the Saturdays.

The British invasion isn't just on your radio. With reality shows for the Wanted (their show set for later this year) and the Saturdays (their show is just wrapped), more and more pop stars from across the pond are popping up on your small screen too.

And if TV producers give U.K. girl group Little Mix a call, they'd be down to return to their reality-TV roots for their own series. "It'd be nice just for like even more people, like a wider audience to get to know what Little Mix are about and who we are," Jesy Nelson told MTV News.

Jade Thirlwall notes that the foursome are already vets when it comes to the world of reality TV, considering they got their start on (and won) the U.K. "X Factor" in 2011. "I think we're so used to it now since 'X Factor,' and we do a lot of our own video diaries and stuff anyways and we're busy getting filmed on this U.S. trip as well, so it's just like we'd love it," Jade said.

So what would it look like if the ladies let cameras roll on their every move? "Oh, we're crazy," Jade teased, with Leigh-Anne Pinnock adding, "We're just weird!"

If those traits aren't convincing enough, here's another: "We're a bit fruit loopy, but in a good way," Jesy said.

They can get even wackier under the right conditions. "We get to this point where we get really delirious, like if we're tired or hungry," Leigh-Anne said. "And then we'll just go weird. Like we'll just be so strange. We'll make noises, accents, and everyone will be like, 'What are they doing?' "

The ladies are certainly poised for their own U.S. crossover, whether or not they end up on reality TV. They are out promoting their single "Wings" and just dropped their collaboration with Missy Elliott, "How Ya Doin'?" They will soon release their Simon Cowell-approved video for it as well. They are also prepping the release of their debut album, DNA, dropping Stateside in May.