'X Factor' Trio Emblem3 Make 'Pop Reggae' Music ... And Pizza

SoCal boys visit New York City for the first time as a band and create their own signature pizza with MTV News.

They won over "X Factor" viewers with their SoCal surfer vibe and laid-back sound, and now Emblem3 are taking that momentum, and their newfound fanbase, with them as they create their debut album.

Since coming in fourth place under the guidance of Simon Cowell on last season of "The X Factor," Emblem3 — which consists of Drew Chadwick and brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg — have been experiencing a lot of new adventures, from signing their joint record deal with Syco Music and Columbia Records to visiting New York City for the first time as a band to play a sold-out show at Irving Plaza.

And since it was their first time in the Big Apple as a trio, MTV News decided to treat them to a New York delicacy: pizza. We took the group to John's of Bleecker Street pizzeria, and instead of sitting down for a meal, we thought we would put the group to work and have them create their own Emblem3 signature pizza. Watch the video to see how it turned out!

In between rolling and throwing the dough, the group revealed that life post-"X Factor" has been pretty surreal. They have teamed up with hitmakers Max Martin and One Direction songwriter Savan Kotecha to help bring to life their unique sound for an album and are set to release their first single next month.

"It's been so sick. We just got done recording our whole album, really cool, very proud of how that turned out, every track is like a smash," Wes said. "It's more our first audition style, like 'Sunset [Boulevard],' but mixed with this bigger, more pop element, but it's still Emblem3. It's still got that beachy reggae vibe. It's pop reggae."

In the few short months since the show, Emblem3 have already acquired a loyal fanbase, revealing that many of their supporters shower the group with gifts. But there was one fan in particular who took it to a whole new level.

"They got us a puppy, Sampson from Brazil," Wes said. "He's literally the cutest puppy in the world, he's a Westie Terrier."

Of course, the addition of Sampson (who has his own Instagram account) came as a surprise, but being the gentlemen they are, they did try and reach out to the fan to send their thanks.

"I tried to talk to her, because she's kind of cute," Wes said.

"She's just not interested," Drew joked. "I was like, 'OK.' She was like, 'I hate your band, but here's a puppy.' "

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