Justin Timberlake Tells Fans He's 'Speechless' About First-Week Sales

'Shocked ... I just hope this album makes your summer,' he tweets.

Justin Timberlake has every reason to be thrilled. Sales for his comeback album, The 20/20 Experience

hit nearly one million
 in their first week and he took to Twitter on Wednesday to thank his fans for making it happen.

"Whoa... Speechless. Shocked. Numbers go up, numbers go down. I just hope this album makes your Summer," he tweeted after Experience moved 968,000 units for his best solo debut to date. "You already made mine ‪#bestfansever."

He then teased some more goodies to come. "I'm gonna find a way to show my appreciation to you ladies and gents this week ... Stay tuned. #finderskeepers." It's unclear what he was talking about, though E! Online speculated that it might have something to do with a scavenger hunt for tickets to his upcoming Legends of Summer tour with Jay-Z.

While JT has not done much press to date for the album, he did sit down for an interview with a writer for the recently relaunched MySpace — in which he is an investor — before his March 16 SXSW performance.

After the writer complimented Timberlake on the energy of his comeback performances so far, the singer responded with a: mission accomplished. "That's what hit me when I started listening to the songs that I put together for this record. I said [to myself], 'you know, these are going to be a lot of songs that are going to be fun to play live.' It's a soulful set. It's reminiscent of all the music I loved when I was a kid," he said, before heaping praise on his backing band, the Tennessee Kids.

"I just want to go and, like, rip everybody's face off with some great musicians," he added, noting that the incredibly tight unit only rehearsed with him for a few weeks before hitting the promotional circuit. "And so we just started scouting the best musicians we could find and we found a lot of 'em that grew up in the church, which was so appropriate for the stuff that I wrote for this album. They're killer. And they make me sound way better than I am."

Regardless of what the reviews have been, whether some have complained about the song length or how the Experience fits into his legacy, Justin said he knows what he wants his fans to get from the album.

"I want people to close their eyes and listen to this album," he said, describing trippy songs such as "Strawberry Bubblegum" and "Blue Ocean Floor" as his attempts to do his own spin on Radiohead's ambient rock. "I really do think my effort with the last album was to make people dance, and I think with this album, I wrote a lot of songs that make me want to sing ... and dance."