Trinidad Jame$' 'Female$ Welcomed' Video: Watch Now!

Even the devil stops by for the 'All Gold Everything' rapper's flaming-hot music video, shot in his native Trinidad.

Fans of Trinidad Jame$' debut mixtape, Don't Be S.A.F.E., have been familiar with the refrain "Now my side chick, my main chick and my main guhl ain't feelin' me no mo', no mo' " for months. On Wednesday (March 27), the newly anointed member of [article id="1704418"]XXL's Freshmen class[/article] Skyped into "RapFix Live" and dropped the flaming-hot visuals to accompany his banger "Female$ Welcomed."

The buzz-worthy rapper, born Nicholas Williams, takes his stage name from his native Trinidad. Jame$ puts on for his city of Port of Spain in the new video, brandishing the flag and giving viewers a glimpse of the street corners, markets and natives that are the island's heartbeat. This tour is mostly a shirtless one, so feast your eyes on that, but it's a given that Jame$ will never, ever be without an enthusiastic layering of gold chains.

With a title like "Female$ Welcomed" it isn't hard to imagine what the song itself is about. "F-- love, it's overrated/ Was disfellowshipped, now I'm reinstated/ Might need a witness, these b----es crazy/ Let me say it again, these b----es crazy." Director Jonathan Mannion makes sure the visuals are just as raw as the verses.

Trinidad is a place of great beauty — peep the statuesque Caribbean women who dutty-wine on tabletops and masterfully drop it like it's hot. The [article id="1704147"]Miley Cyrus twerk team [/article] has nothing on these women, believe it.

[article id="1704418"]The 2013 XXL Freshmen have been revealed![/article]

But it's not "All Gold Everything": At the two-minute mark, the song and story flip intensely. The devil himself makes an appearance as a trip-hop beat commences. Women ornately undressed in Carnival attire take the party to the streets, and fire-breathing men outfitted with horns and tails literally throw flames all around Jame$, the ringleader of the freaks who come out at night.

Watch it all now!

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