ItsTheReal 'Really Rapping' On Upcoming April Fool's Mixtape

'It's taking what you know, like these notorious hip-hop themes, and twisting them a little,' Eric Rosenthal tells MTV News of Urbane Outfitters.

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Headliners: ItsTheReal and DJ Drama

Representing: New York

Mixtape: Urbane Outfitters

Real Spit: Rakim famously rapped "I ain't no joke," but the comedy duo ItsTheReal have either never heard it or completely disregarded the R's hip-hop teachings.

On April Fool's Day, brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal will be releasing their debut mixtape, Urbane Outfitters, with the help of some pretty notable rap talent. Tha Bizness and Greg Mayo lend a production hand, while Maino, Lil Jon, Bun B and Freeway make vocal contributions. And, of course, no mixtape is complete without the blessing of DJ Drama. "We tried to make it as much like a real mixtape as possible. We're really rapping, next to real rappers, presented really by DJ Drama," Eric said of the tongue-in-cheek tape, which makes a play on popular rap themes like making it rain on the knee-slapping "Funemployment."

ItsTheReal have made a name for themselves with their viral sketch-comedy series. In the past, they have worked with Slaughterhouse and Maino and have riffed on Cam'ron and Rick Ross. Urbane Outfitters will follow in the same vein. "It's taking what you know, like these notorious hip-hop themes, and twisting them a little, like what you would see in our sketch videos, but this time in audio form," Eric said.

Joints to Check For

» "ItsTheReal Gang" - "There's a lot of lyrics, you might have to rewind it back," Jeff boasted.

» "Funemployment" - "It's us balling on a budget. When you get unemployment checks ... you go straight to the strip club. That's ballin' on a budget," Jeff said.

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