Exclusive 'Wolverine' Trailer Teaser: Hugh Jackman Goes Darker Than Ever

Get a sneak peek of the trailer right here before Wednesday's full clip.

If Monday's six-second Vine preview of "The Wolverine" left you wanting more, we have some extra mutant action to get you ready for the first trailer, debuting Wednesday. In an exclusive teaser, we begin to see the world of the new standalone Wolverine movie, and one thing is for certain: it's much darker.

From the project's earliest days, star Hugh Jackman has been touting the follow-up to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" as a much different animal. As enormous fans of the character, Jackman and director James Mangold wanted to restore the character's gritty nature and explore the aspects of his personality that have made him a fan favorite since his debut in 1974.

Though there's still much to see from "The Wolverine" before its July 26 release date, the 20-second teaser gives fans their best look yet at the character's adventures in Japan. Physically, Jackman is much more muscular than he's been as Wolverine in the past, and we see the results of that when he briefly takes on a few foes and dispatches them with a deadly quickness.

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The teaser ends with a somewhat vague hint about where the story of "The Wolverine" may go. Speaking with a mysterious man, Wolverine references the experiments done to him that turned him into the clawed mutant we know, suggesting that nothing can ever change him. The man, however, says that is not necessarily true.

We'll hopefully find out more when the first full trailer for "The Wolverine" debuts, but for now, see what other clues you can uncover in the teaser until then.

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