Lil Wayne Makes Human Being II Member-Only

Weezy's countless crude-yet-creative penis references keep his 10th solo LP light.

If you expected Lil Wayne to deliver something in the way of maturity and introspection on his 10th solo album, then you don't know Lil Wayne.

While Weezy has definitely given depth with his Tha Carter album series ("Hustler Musik," "Misunderstood" and "How to Love"), his I Am Not a Human Being collection seems to be reserved for megalomaniac musings. This is exactly how he starts the second installment of his IANAHB series, which hit retail on Tuesday (March 26).

"I'm in the crib butt naked bitch/ She say my d--- could be the next black president," Wayne raps on the album's piano-driven intro, painting grandiose phallic pictures.

While many fans and critics call for deep and introspective messages in music, Weezy reminds them that sometimes hip-hop is best when you lay the most braggadocios, crass lyrics that you can imagine, and on I Am Not a Human Being II, each lyric outdoes the last.

There are countless crude-yet-creative penis references. Aside from the "black president" lyric on the album's starter track, Weezy also compares his member to Megatron, the maniacal robot villain from Michael Bay's "Transformers" films and then likens it to a steroid syringe. On the Soulja Boy-produced "Wowsers," Tunechi describes his tongue as an uzi and his baby maker as an AK-47 to further illustrate his sexual prowess.

Along the way there is an array of astounding Weezy one-liners. "Grab the owl out the tree and ask that bitch, who but me?" Wayne rhymes on the bonus track "Lay It Down" before he spits: "Tell that pig and that cow, I go ham if it's beef."

It's not all jokes, however. The get-high ode, "Trippy," may have gone unnoticed, but after Wayne's recent hospitalization fueled rumors of rampant drug use, the song's lyrics take on a more urgent meaning. "Don't knock me off of my high horse, what I do is my choice/I'm high as the scoreboard, bitch look up at my points," he goes in over producer Juicy J's syrupy bounce.

Sonically, Human Being II is tied together by dark, bass-rattling beats, but there are moments of jarring differentiation. The Future and Drake-assisted "Love Me" provide us with a great hip-pop moment, as does the catchy "No Worries," but "God Bless Amerika" and "Romance" break up the album's outrageous rap vibe. The guitar-laced selections may have worked better on a sequel to Weezy's 2012 rock album Rebirth. To close, the rapper goes full metal with "Hello," where he head bangs and urges listeners to "skate, smoke, f---," proving that his genre-bending ways knows no bounds.

Weezy says he is planning his grand exit from rap, and if all goes according to his plan, Tha Carter V will be his swan song. Maybe then Dwayne Michael Carter will tell us all that he has learned growing in the game which he has ruled in since a teenager, until that moment Lil Wayne is just having fun, being music's Martian — and there is nothing wrong with that.

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