Lil Wayne's 'R.A.F.' Director Celebrates The Luxury Of Simplicity

Director Parris tells MTV News why the clip chooses a barren desert over piles of cash.

Lil Wayne could've easily shot his "R.A.F." video throwing money in the air at one of his frequent Club Liv visits in Miami, and he would've been well within his creative right. Instead, Young Money decided to go in a different direction, contradicting the track's title, which acrimoniously breaks down to the explicative "Rich as F---."

"I just kind of was inspired by the tone of the music and what he was talking about. The sparseness of the beat kind of [gave me] the idea of a desert, an open space where things are not normal," video director Parris told MTV News of the video, which MTV premiered on Friday.

The T-Minus-produced I Am Not a Human Being II single incorporates a bouncy bass line and barely-there drums. Lyrically, Wayne goes on about his sexual prowess and of course his Young Money earnings, while 2 Chainz holds down the hook chanting, "All my n---as look rich as f---."

Parris says that the YMCMB brass sent him the track and employed him to come up with a treatment. Once the director, who also helmed Weezy's "My Homies Still" video, proposed to shoot Weezy in a desert, he was given the green light. From the beginning, Parris says he never envisioned a cliché rap video. Still, "R.A.F." isn't exactly cheap either — there's a tiger, a fancy globe and beautiful models.

"It has things in there which I consider lavish items, like a vintage Ferrari, I feel like is a pretty expensive car that I would love to drive," he said. "I made sure that they were surrounded by beautiful women, but I just feel like it doesn't always need to be literal."

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