Daft Punk To Drop Random Access Memories In May?

Fourth full-length album pre-order posted on iTunes over the weekend.

The long tease is finally over. After airing a cryptic commercial during "Saturday Night Live" earlier this month, Daft Punk are finally ready to give fans some solid information on their upcoming fourth studio album.

The name and possible release date of the long-awaited release were posted on iTunes over the weekend as part of the album's pre-sale. But in keeping with the slow reveal, all we got was the name, Random Access Memories and an "expected" release date, May 21. A spokesperson for the French techno duo's new label, Columbia Records, could not be reached for confirmation on the iTunes pre-sale information at press time. Their independent publicist was also not available for comment.

Though we now know that the group's first studio album since 2005's Human After All is expected to have 13 songs, the titles have also not yet been revealed. The album's cover, if legitimate, contains a hybrid image of the classic silver DP robot mask on one side and a sleeker, golden version on the other.

In keeping with their mysterious nature, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have not made a peep about the album to date, but a number of their friends and collaborators have given a few sneak peeks.

Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers recently suggested the album is imminent and a number of others are also reportedly contributing to the project, including Animal Collective's Panda Bear, disco icon Giorgio Moroder and Chilly Gonzales.

German electronic producer Boys Noize told MTV News
 earlier this year that he was not at liberty to say much, but that he knows that "some good friends" worked with DF and that the effort will be "amazing."

"Daft Punk has always been a big influence," he said. "Not because of the songs, but about that sound and production. To this day ... no one got on that level ... No one sounds like Daft Punk and I'm very, very excited to hear their new stuff." Even though he's not heard any of the new music, BN said he can imagine what it will sound like and expects it will blow minds.