Fall Out Boy’s ‘The Phoenix’ Video: The Story Begins

FOB's new clip is 'chapter two of eleven,' and things are just starting to get interesting.

There’s one thing you can say about the reunited and recharged Fall Out Boy — they’ve definitely stepped up their music video game.

Case in point: their brand-new video for “The Phoenix,” which continues the story line (and the winning streak) they launched with the “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” clip. It’s decidedly dark — for them, at least — unquestionably cool, and sets the stage for what’s quickly becoming a rather gripping, and grisly, caper.

The “Phoenix” video opens with the conclusion of the “My Songs” clip, with the FOB guys bound-and-blindfolded in the back of a black van. From there, the story goes back in time, where we see them standing over a briefcase, which contains, well, something important — or maybe it’s just a MacGuffin — because Patrick Stump decides to cuff it to his wrist for safe keeping.

That proves to be a costly mistake, as he’s soon abducted and taken to a remote location, where he’s tortured, has his hand lopped off, and undergoes what appears to be some sort of surgery (perhaps that will be revealed in the next video?) Then, we watch as, one by one, his bandmates are abducted by a super-sexy squad of femme fatales, and there’s something going on with a falcon too. Sure, it may be dizzying to keep track of all the action, but, hey, this is just the second chapter of what seems to be a lengthy, complex story.

Shoot, Fall Out Boy even said as much on their official site, calling the video “Chapter two of eleven,” and tease “Stay tuned for chapter three, coming to a computer, tablet or phone near you soon.”

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