Wale On Jerry Seinfeld Collabo: 'I Could Drop Two Albums This Year'

Maybach Music Group rapper reveals to 'RapFix Live' he's had conversations with the comedian about a collaboration.

Some might remember a time not too long ago when a young Wale with freshly locked hair kicked in the door rhyming about his love for Nike boots, his city and his love for "Seinfeld." *Record scratch* Yes, Seinfeld.

For a "show about nothing," the classic NBC comedy spawned two mixtapes from Wale and could possibly be the basis for an entire album... or more. On "RapFix Live" this week, D.C.'s own shared that he's been on the phone with Jerry Seinfeld and the two have plenty of material on wax.

"I told you I could drop two albums this year," he told host Sway Calloway. "I talked to Jerry."

The first album, of course, is The Gifted, Wale's second album as a member of Rick Ross-led Maybach Music Group. But Wale, who once said that he has seen every "Seinfeld" episode 30 times, remains deeply inspired by the "genius" work of the comedy legend.

"Comedy's art, man. The ability to make somebody feel something: that's art," Wale said. "However you look at it, whether you're an author, a painter, a singer, a rapper, a spoken-word artist — art. So I see the art in the show. I see the art in the dialogue in the show, how you can conceptualize some of the conversations that they have on that show. It's a lot of genius that goes into that, and I appreciate it."

In 2008, Wale dropped The Mixtape About Nothing, which featured clips of dialogue from "Seinfeld" and samples of Jerry's monologues. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, known as "Elaine," even made an appearance on the mixtape. Wale kept the theme going on 2010's More About Nothing mixtape, released after his 2011 debut album Attention Deficit."

Wale says The Gifted LP is "what the people need."

However, what took Wale from being a casual fan to an official collaborator was actually a little help from the woman of the house, Seinfeld's wife, Jessica.

"He said his wife is a big fan," Wale said. "If the queen's happy, the man's happy, and the man's happy, the land's happy, so I'll take it like that."

Fans will take it like that, too, because the buzz for this project has been building for months, with Seinfeld himself backing the project. An interview with the comedian shows that A: At 58, Seinfeld is game for anything, and B: Art is a most transcendent cultural connector. Jerry talked about being approached long ago to work with hip-hop mogul Diddy. Though it never came to pass, Jerry eloquently summarized the potential of a comedy-hip-hop crossover:

"Cause hip hop's words, right? I do words. Why don't you take my words and do something with it? I don't know how to do it, but I thought, 'Just take the words.' "

Looks like Wale, Jerry and all their "words" might release something soon.

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