'Spring Breakers' Girls Fight Over Britney Spears Lyrics

'I love Britney, but you really, really, really love Britney,' Ashley Benson said of Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez calls the homage to Britney Spears in "Spring Breakers" "a tribute." So it should probably come as no surprise that she didn't need to bone up on Spears' iconic catalogue of tunes for her role in the movie.

Two of Spears' most memorable singles, her baby-faced debut "...Baby One More Time" and her reflective breakup ballad "Everytime" are featured in the film, out now. However, if you ask superfan Gomez who is the biggest fan of all the girls, she will testify that she wasn't the only big Brit fan on set. She said, "I think all of us [are fans]." Her co-star, Ashley Benson, however, crowned her the #1 Britney fan on set, sharing, "I love Britney, but you really, really, really love Britney."

In fact, Gomez's love for the pop princess dates all the way back to childhood. "I mean she was the first CD I ever bought, the first concert I ever went to," she explained, adding that her fandom for Spears has hardly died down with age.

"I did a whole tribute to her on my tour last year, so, I don't know, I'm super obsessed," she said. "It's universal language to girls in a way."

The Britney dance sessions in the movie take place with bikinis and ski masks, but when MTV News spoke to Gomez about her tour tribute to the star back in 2011, she insisted she would never even try to contend with the singer's famous dance moves that have included snakes and Madonna lip locks.

"I don't think so. I'm not going to even touch Britney!" she said two years ago. "She's so good. I wouldn't want to butcher it. I'm just going to pay tribute to her! I'm gonna say she's awesome."

"Spring Breakers" was directed by Harmony Korine, and also stars James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine and Gucci Mane.

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