Little Mix Throw Away 'Rubbish' Gossip

Band member Perrie Edwards tells MTV News, 'You've got to get a thick skin.'

Little Mix have quickly become international pop stars less than two years after winning the U.K. "X Factor." And, since their 2011 victory, they have topped the U.K. charts and amassed a legion of "proper hard-core" Little Mixers.

But, as they launch their U.S. invasion, there's still one thing they're not used to — all the gossip. And, considering that their star is on the rise here in the states, the girl group shouldn't expect tabloids to stop bleeding ink about them anytime soon.

"We all got thrown into this industry so quickly; it is kind of freaky," Jesy Nelson told MTV News about being media targets abroad. "You just have to adapt to it straightaway when you go from just being a really normal person. But I think it's just what comes with it and, like, I don't think we'd change anything for the world 'cause we're just absolutely loving life."

One of the ladies in particular, Perrie Edwards, has been the subject of much speculation on both sides of the pond. She happens to be romantically linked to One Direction's Zayn Malik. She says it takes some major girl power to brush off the buzz.

"At first you kind of second guess it and you're like 'Did I do that?' And then you're like 'Wait a minute! What am I saying? No, I didn't!' You've got to get a thick skin, I think," she explained.

As it turns out, all the ladies have had to deal with romance rumors. Jade Thirlwall recalled one of the earliest rumors spread about the group. "I remember on 'X Factor' tour there was an article in a magazine saying that we'd fallen out 'cause Jesy found a boyfriend," the "Wings" singer said, with Jesy adding, "That they didn't like him and all of this rubbish."

"That was one of the first stories, and we got really frustrated," Leigh-Anne Pinnock added. "We're like 'Really?' So now we learned not to believe a lot that we read."

Little Mix are about to drop their debut album DNA Stateside in May and are approaching global success with a good sense of humor. Perrie added, "We always read stuff like that. We always just laugh."

Still, Jade knows that as long as four girls are in a group together, rumors of their demise will persist. "I think it is hard to believe that four girls do get on so well, especially a girl band," she said. "Do you know what I mean? So we do kind of expect people to kind of guess that."

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