Mack Maine Opens Up About Abortion On 'Celebrate' Single

MC talks to 'RapFix Live' about his mother's last-minute decision not to abort him.

Mack Maine has a lot to celebrate. The New Orleans native grew from underground rapper to a respected executive on an all-star rap team, and the Young Money president doesn't take any of his success for granted.

On his "Celebrate" single, which he just dropped a video for, Mack rapped that he "was supposed to die as a fetus," and when he sat down during "RapFix Live" on Wednesday he told the real-life story that led him to write that rhyme.

"My mom was about to abort me. She was about to have an abortion. She was lying on the table and she changed her life at that moment," Mack said open and honestly.

Moments before the procedure, the rapper's mother had a routine consult and immediately changed her mind, choosing to give birth to her son. "She changed her life that day, she got saved and became a Christian," he said.

The death of Maine's grandmother also factored into the song's lyrics. "It really affected my dad a lot," he revealed, remaking on another line that he delivered on the track. "I lost him for a year behind that. My dad, he turned to drugs honestly. It really took a toll on him."

Lil Wayne sings the hook on the gospel-tinged track, and while it sounds different from what fans may expect from the YMCMB camp, Mack Maine asks listeners to be open-minded to all that his team has to offer. "We have praying mothers and we pray. Nobody's scared to say that they worship the Most High, so don't get that twisted," he urged. "Nobody's perfect either, so don't judge us on what you see every now and then. You should listen. If you listen to Wayne's verse he has a message in that verse. If you listen to a lot of things that we do, we're well-rounded, just don't put us in a box."

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